Welcome to Legacy Smiles Dentistry! Our team is committed to your journey for the healthiest and happiest smile of your life! We work to ensure your dental hygiene is exceptional through regular checkups and dental cleanings. Should you have a cavity, our dentists offer dental fillings, dental crowns, and a variety of advanced treatment options. Legacy Smiles Dentistry also has dental specialists on staff, including an oral surgeon and a periodontist. Oral surgery treatment options are available for patients who need a single tooth extraction, wisdom teeth extractions, or other dental surgeries. Periodontics care may involve gum or tissue grafts for the treatment of advanced gum disease. Our specialists can also place dental implants for failed or missing teeth. At Legacy Smiles Dentistry, the most important thing is that you love the look and feel of your smile. We're eager to see you, and we look forward to your next appointment!